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EMG Muscle Sensor

BluetoohLow Energy
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2023 TaiSPO Interview Video
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The ZE1 EMG Sensor developed by Zentan Technology has a built-in IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and two sets of body surface muscle detection electrodes. Multiple EMGs can be used in combination for the detection of muscle groups in various parts of the body, which can be continuous and real-time Detect the muscle activity state of each muscle group and the change of the angle of the elbow joint. It can also be applied to technical rehabilitation, sports and fitness training.


  • Detect the user's muscle group when movement

  • Ultra-lightweight design (14 grams)

  • Bluetooth 2.4G Hz transmission system

  • ​LED indicator

  • CE、FCC、NCC certification

  • CR2032 battery

  • Battery power index display

  • The IMU can be used to calculate the change of the angle of movement of the body joints

  • It can accurately analyze muscle group values and joint activity angles through the app, and apply it in medical rehabilitation and sports fitness training.

  • YouTube

2023 Taiwan Innotech Expo Interview video

EMG Muscle Sensor


Muscle Clothing


Muscle Pants


The new choice of sports fashion

EMG 衣服-特寫.jpg

The sensor data is stable and easy to disassemble

Real-time information on the use of your own muscle groups

Lightweight design, no burden when exercising

EMG 褲子-特寫.jpg

Stretch elasticity, stabilize body muscles

The fabric material is comfortable and breathable, does not hurt the skin

Clothes and pants are washable


Compatible Devices

iOS Device

Wireless Technology

Bluetooth Smart
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