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Cardiosport Indoo Bike Computer

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) is a core focus at Cardiosport, here is an example of some of our OEM projects.



Cardiosport OEM Heart Rate Monitor

Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) is a service we offer to brands developing their own unique products.

Cardiosport OEM Service
Concept to Assembly

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) is a core focus at Cardiosport. We work alongside client teams to oversee the project from concept to assembly and shipment.

Research & Development

Our in-house R&D team work closely with our clients to develop and then produce the highest quality products, drawing upon four decades of experience, yet always open to new ideas or processes.

Electonic and Mechanical Design Capabilities

We offer a fully integrated Electronic and Mechanical Design services or work alongside clients that have access to internal or third party designs.

Cardiosport Zentan Technology OEM
OEM/ODM Technology Capabilities

Our capabilities continue to develop each year keeping up to date with the latest technology trends and consumer demands;

  • Wearable Technology

  • Digital RF Transmission, Bluetooth and ANT+

  • ECG, Respiration, HRV, Blood Pressure, Hydration and Temperature

  • Biometric Clothing Sensors

  • LCD, OLED Design

  • ASIC development

  • 3D-6D Accelerometers

  • Movement and position sensing

  • OTA updates

  • Unique Algorithm and firmware development

  • CNC, tooling, injection moulding and 3D printing

Healthcare Technology Medical OEM Facilities

A major investment was made to develop bespoke factory buildings designed to maximize quality and efficiency using automation, semi automation and robotics.


We can offer Western development support and business culture with Eastern prices. Being vertically integrated we have control every step of the way.

ISO 9001, 13485 and QMS Certification

We are ISO 9001, 13485 and QMS certified and produce medical products. We have a modern clean room facility where all healthcare and medical products are assembled and shielding rooms for tuning wireless circuits.

ISO 9001 Certified
ISO13485 Certified
ROHS Compliant Factory
FDA Facility
CE Certification
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