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Cardiosport TP5 Heart Rate Monitor

Product Info

The Cardiosport TP5 heart rate monitor uses Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+ technology to connect to a wide variety of popular iOS & Android fitness apps and Bluetooth and ANT+ watches, bike computers and fitness devices. 

Compatible Apps

Map My Run
Wahoo Fitness
Map My Fitness
Map My Ride

Map My Run            Runtastic                Wahoo Fitness       Cyclemeter           Map My Fitness

Strava                  Map My Ride            Endomondo               Zwift

Set Up Guide

This is a brief guide to setting up your TP5 with your chosen app or ANT+ device


The TP5 heart rate monitor is designed to be used on iPhones 5, 6 and newer, iPad 3rd generation and newer.


The TP5 heart rate monitor is also designed to be used on android devices equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 running version 4.3 or newer. Android devices will require third party apps to access the devices Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Smart).


If you are planning on using the TP5 with one of the many compatible fitness apps on Google Play, please ensure that the app you have chosen can be installed on your Android device before purchasing a TP5.  


The TP5 heart rate monitor is also designed to be used on all compatible ANT+ devices including Garmin GPS watches, bike computers and devices using an ANT+ adapter key.

How to wear the TP5

  • Attach the sensor pod to the chest strap using the poppers on the front of the strap, the sensor pod will snap onto the poppers securely.

  • Adjust the strap to fit your lower chest so that it is tight, yet breathable and comfortable. 

  • If necessary moisten the electrodes using a small amount of water, saliva or electrode heart rate gel to aid the connection.

  • The TP5 uses on chest detection to activate and when a heart beat is detected the LED lights will flash red.

How to pair the TP5

  • Download your chosen fitness app 

  • Open/Install the app on your Smart phone/device

  • Put on your TP5 following the instructions above. Blue LED lights will flash indicating the heart rate monitor is in Bluetooth and ANT+ advertising mode and ready to pair. When paired the Blue LED will stop flashing.

  • Look for the sensors icon on your app or follow the sensor pairing instructions on your chosen app

  • When you have found the Cardiosport TP5 select 'add sensor' or 'save sensor' if applicable on the app

  • Some apps may ask you to assign your sensor a workout profile eg: Running, Cycling, Hiking etc... Select the work out profile you intend to monitor heart rate for and select 'done' or 'finish' if applicable on the app. 

  • When you have finished pairing your heart rate monitor to your chosen fitness app, select the exercise you want to do and your are good to go!

How to pair the TP5 to an ANT+ device

  • Put on your TP5 following the instructions above, by wearing the chest belt it will automatically wake up with on chest heart rate detection.

  • Follow the pairing instructions on your ANT+ device by searching for heart rate monitors.

  • Some ANT+ will automatically pair to a sensor when it is activated and display an ANT+ ID code.

  • When your ANT+ device shows that your TP5 has paired and displays an ID code, it is now paired. There is no need to manually pair your TP5 every time to your ANT+ device, depending on your ANT+ device it will automatically pair when the heart rate monitor is next activated.

  • When you have finished pairing your heart rate monitor to your ANT+ watch, bike computer or gym fitness equipment, select the exercise you want to do and your are good to go!

Changing the TP5 battery

The TP5 offers 900+ hour battery life, but if you do find the need to replace the battery simply follow these easy steps.

  • Using a coin insert the coin edge into the groove in the center of the battery door. Rotate the battery door following the arrows and OPEN and CLOSED marks until the door can be removed

  • Remove the dead CR2032 battery and replace with a new battery with the writing on the top of battery facing up.​

  • Re-attach the battery door and rotate until the door is firmly shut

Troubleshooting FAQ

Why won't my TP5 pair to my phone?

  • To ensure that your TP5  pairs directly to the app you have downloaded please ensure you have Bluetooth switched on on your device before attempting to pair.

Do I need to pair to my phone/watch first?

  • No, you do not need to pair the TP5 to your phone first, because it uses Bluetooth Low Energy it is only required to pair to the app on your phone. 

I am struggling to get a heart rate reading from the TP5 and it doesn't show up under the list of sensors?

  • This can be caused by a weak ECG signal from the body, by using a small amount of water, saliva or electrode gel on the contact point between the skin and electrodes on the chest belt it can help improve the connection and activate your TP5.

Can I pair my TP5 with another phone or app?

  • Yes your TP5 can be paired with more than one phone/apps. If you are switching between devices or apps then you can still use your TP5 for different devices. Simply pair your TP5 in the same way as before and you now have a heart rate monitor for multiple devices.  

Can I pair my TP5 to my phone app and ANT+ device at the same time?

  • Yes your TP5 is designed to work simultaneously using Bluetooth Low Energy to send data to your phone app and using ANT+ to send data to your bike computer or similar ANT+ device.

Can I pair my TP5 with multiple apps and phones at once?

  • If you are just using Bluetooth Low Energy, then Unfortunately not. Once your TP5 is paired to the app on your phone it cannot be paired to another device while in use. However, TP5 can be paired to different apps and devices if one device is paired via Bluetooth Low Energy and the other app/device is paired via ANT+.

How do I wash my chest strap?

  • You can wash both the FP3 Body Fit strap and the FF5 ultra soft fabric strap using warm water and standard laundry detergent. We do not recommend any more than 30 washes in a washing machine at a low temperature as this can lead to damage to the electrodes. 

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