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Cardiosport Cardiozone heart rate training programme



CardioZoneは現場評価技術を取り入れ、Cardiosportの感知終点(Perceived End Point、PEP)評価を用いて目標の心拍数および換気性作業閾値(Ventilatory Threshold、VT)により接近します。




  • 心拍数情報を用いた受講者の運動プランの設計および監督の習得 

  • 構造的なトレーニングレッスンにより適した目標心拍数の設定 

  • 受講者ごとのフィードバックを使ったトレーニングのモニタリングおよびトレーニングレッスンの有効性の微調整

  • 次善トレーニング(アンダートレーニングまたはオーバートレーニング)強度の回避

  • 最も重要なのことは、各受講者の主観的なフィードバックを計量可能なデータに転化させ、自分のパフォーマンスを測定、記録および評価できるようにすることです。



Cardiosport Cardiozone


I used CardioZone to help my clients train for the Ironman. They were already fit and strong athletes used to training hard, but incorporating CardioZone training programme really helped their cardiovascular performance. It is especially helpful being able to track their improvements over time.

Barry Johnson

Cambridge, UK

CardioZone worked brilliantly for me and helped my customers lose weight and reach their goals. It worked so well with my Spinning classes, I could see the exact percentage of maximum heart rate for each member of the class and how long they were training there. This data is vital for running a group class who all have slightly different weight loss and fitness goals.

Tim Clark

San Diego, USA

I have been using CardioZone in my training routine for a number of years, it's a great way of exercising using science. It works with a traditional heart rate monitor, an app or smart watch just as well.

Paul Ruzowski

Toronto, Canada

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